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HELLENIC ASSOCIATION NEURODEVELOPMENTAL THERAPISTS – BOBATH is an association established in Thessaloniki  (1995), aiming in the institutional patenting of the specialization (NDT – Bobath) and the information of entities involved in patients’ rehabilitation with damages of the Central Nervous System (insurance funds, hospitals, associations).

The Bobath Neurodevelopmental Treatment is applied in patients with Central Nervous System disorders, especially in children with mild neurological diseases and individuals with special needs, aiming mainly in the approach of the disabilities’ obstacles in move, communication, play and everyday care activities.

European Union has recognized the therapeutic entity and significance of the pediatric rehabilitation’s intervention, patenting it as independent and specialized treatment system with clear and objective pricing, according to the therapeutic protocol.

Based on the Community Law, embedded and hypertext to the Greek Law, individuals with special needs have the right to choose their therapist, no matter if the therapist or the therapeutic team have signed contracts with the patient’s insurance fund.

The specialized pediatric therapists treat children, implementing therapy of personal contact between therapist and patient, in single session exclusively with one patient.  They constitute member of the therapeutic team and contribute in maximum level in the reinforcement of children’s lives because, due to their specialization and training, they are able:

  • To have clear, countable, time-defined, feasible, realistic goals and to achieve quickly the desirable result in contradiction to unspecialized colleagues.
  • To avoid complications (e.g. respiratory infections, orthopedic surgeries etc) painful for the children and economically costly for the family and, consequently, for the Insurance Funds.

Which is our aim?

Which is our aim?
  • The institutional patenting of specialization and further training in the Neurodevelopmental Treatment – Bobath.
  • The establishment of deontology rules.
  • The exchange of opinions and scientific experience among the members.
  • The information of scientific, professional and social entities concerning the principles of the Neurodevelomental Treatment – Bobath, aiming in parallel in its disperse.

Who can be a member?

Who can be a member?

Member of HELLENIC ASSOCIATION NEURODEVELOPMENTAL THERAPISTS – BOBATH can be a Greek or international doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist with proved scientific titles and experience on the Neurodevelopmental Treatment – BOBATH.