Actions 2014

Δράσεις – ενέργειες διοικητικού συμβούλιου για το 2014

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Actions – energies of the administrative council in 2014

January 2014 – Preparation of 20-year-anniversary conference of EENA from October 18th to 19th.

February 2014 – Concession of aegis to seminar with title: “Promotion of therapeutic approaches with emphasis to Sensorial Completion and Neurodevelopmental Treatment for children with developmental disorders, with Anni Sampsonidou MA, OTR and Mary Hallway OTR/L, NDTOT Instructor.

March 2014 – Submission of proposals to the Greek Union of Laboratory Physiotherapists for the article of rule of the new EOPYY concerning the special treatment.

April 2014 – Announcement for the Department’s of Physiotherapy of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (TEITH) lifelong learning program with title: “specialization to pediatric physiotherapy”.

May 2014 – Secretarial and cashier arranging of the members.

May 2014 – Renew – update of EENA’s site.

June 2014 – Creation of scientific sector to the Greek Association of Physiotherapists (SEF) with objective the pediatric physiotherapy as sector of the association.

June 2014 – Organization of seminar with title “kinisio tape for children” from June 12th to 14th, 2014 in Thessaloniki with Mrs. Foteini Zografou OT, NDT Sinior and Mrs. Popi Petridou PT, NDT Tutor.

October 2014 – Organization of 20-year-anniversary conference of EENA from October 18th to 19th with title: “ pediatric physiotherapy, contemporary approaches”.